Frankie is a man of many talents… and women. He has given up on his squeaky clean poster boy look in favor of a flannel wearing beard growing life loving internet radio sensation lifestyle. He is inspiring.


Is the foremost expert on useless tips, and understands very few large words. Also I am not to heavy to jump out a plane.


*Disclaimer: I am sarcastic, self-deprecating, self-adoring, and have a very elementary sense of humor (centered around fart jokes). Some posts are just meant for a laugh. Don’t take me seriously. I apologize now for any offensive statements that i make on this blog.

Paige also runs a super trendy fashion website.
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Mike went to school to become a writer fully aware that his choice would find him jobless, soulless, and eventually penniless…he is well on his way. ¬†For now, when not writing biting satire, Mike enjoys fucking with joggers by braking as they attempt to run behind his car as he passes, finding new and exciting ways to disappoint his parents, and bowling. He secretly sort of hopes the Mayans were right.