Become a contributor…

Here’s what I’ve got.  My buddies and I started a podcast back in July, bought a domain and got some server space to host it.  What I didn’t think would last a month has had it’s audience double every month since its inception with little to no effort put in to marketing the site or generating content.  If anything, this site/podcast has been a launchpad for a good brand name.

We’re currently looking for content contributors for the website.  At this time there’s no pay involved for contributors–but we’re working on it.  In essence, the site has to actually make money before we can start cutting checks.  The only advantage we offer vs you having your own site is we’re going to market your stuff for you.  It’s a great way to get your name out there and generate hits for your articles.

Now granted, we’re new at this.  If anything it’s been a hobby and something to do while we’re all sitting at home unemployed.  We’ve all been there–down and out, feeling like crap, bored out of our skull.  What we want to make this website is a place for people to feel like they belong to something–to keep them moving and motivated.  The only rule we have is that it has to be funny.  We don’t ask you to do anything past the scope of how much you want to be involved.

What I don’t want to do is take advantage of anyone.  I don’t want to BS you and say I’ll cut you a check for every article you submit because that’s not what’s going to happen.  If your stuff is good and gets hits, eventually, when we make money, we can talk about cutting you in.  We’re just a bunch of friends who run a website.  Everyone involved is very upfront, blunt honest, and can take a joke.  If you’re emotional or thin skinned, you probably won’t fit in.  If you’re looking for an actual job, this place isn’t for you.  If you looking for a place you can add to your portfolio, add to your resume or need a letter of recommendation for, we’ve got your back.

That’s us.  That’s what we do.  Any questions, feel free to contact us at  If not, thanks for the interest and good luck.

– Tim