Top 5 sports moments that I’ve witnessed live

I watch a lot of sports. A LOT of sports.

The rules for making this top 5 are simple. I had to have watched it live.

This is the #1 regret in Steve McNair's life.

5. Rams 23 – Titans 16.

This little gem is a memory that I still talk about at minimum once a week. I just love Kevin Dyson coming up one yard short as tax evading “Who?”  himself makes the tackle.

4. The Minnesota Miracle Man version 2.

The ducks have managed to tie the game and with Adam Banks out to injury, Charlie Conway has to go in for the most exciting play in sports, the penalty shot.

3. 2008 Bejing Olympics 4×100 freestyle relay.

I made so many Lezak tip jokes after this race. I was into the Olympics so hard as I was living in Billings Mt in 2008 and I needed to remember what actual civilization was like.. ALSO Michael Phelps abs. His abs.

2. Rapinoe to Wambach

I was obsessed w/ these bitches in 2011. I hate that I don’t have a story about advice that Hope Solo gave me.

1. The Greatest story ever told.

Game 6 of the 2011 world series. I came, shit, pissed, and threw up all at the same time 3 different times during this game. Needless to say, I was very happy to see Joe Buck the next night.


This would have made the list if there was any sort of officiating. I’m not even sure it was a sanctioned event.