ObamaCare Upheld or: As if a million Republicans cried out in pain…and were suddenly silenced.

We don’t do much on politics here at “The Dive” (faggy enough name for you?), but every once in a while, political bullshit seeps its way in to pop culture–which we feed off of like a pack of rabid hyenas on a rotting elephant carcass.

This morning, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare.

Who fucking cares?

A shit ton of people apparently.  To a very finite breadth of knowledge, the only way the ACA has affected me thus far is watching people bitch about it on my Facebook feed.  I owe it due credit for being one of the instances that led to my 100 member limit on my friends list.  But for all the strife, it was all really fucking entertaining.

I enjoyed watching Jon Stewart hum the Yakkity Sax at some lady trying to find the part of the law dubbed, “Death Panels.”  I LOVED listening to Tea-Baggers go on and on about freedom and socialism.  I down right jizzed in my pants when that giant pile of Fromunda cheese known as Limbaugh called that hot college chick a slut.

Is all the fun over?  Did this take the wind out of the gas bags?  Are we to be no longer entertained?  That would suck.

What do you people think?  I mean, to be completely honest, I’m only writing this article to snag some google search hits.  So I’ll make you do the work for me.  What are your thoughts on ObamaCare?  The Supreme Court ruling?  The future of ‘Merica?