Lets text about sext baby.

"I can do anything with this smart phone"

There are two types of people in the world. Those who politely inform a wrong number of their folly. And then there are those such as myself, who embrace the awkwardness of the moment. Enjoy….





???: What size bra do you wear? 11:14am

KK: Who is this?                11:15am

???: Hurry up! 11:19am

KK: Not till I know who this is. 11:19am

KK: Put me down for whatever size your mother wears. 11:20

???: y would u say that baby it was a year yesterday from her wreck 11:22am

KK: Get over it. You know I hated her. 11:29am

KK: You’re not going to tell me who this is? 11:42am

???: please stop why are you saying this to me 11:43

???: Whatever im now your ex bf I can’t believe this 11:44am

???: You want a picture 11:44am

KK: Nope, I can’t get picture messages. I was unaware we are dating. 11:47am

KK: But its possible…I do have numerous stalkers 11:48am

???: Who is this 11:50am

KK: We’re dating and you don’t know my name? This sounds like the healthiest relationship I’ve ever had. 12:02pm

???: Your not acting like yourself ok how about this. Tell me the size of my penis if this is really you 12:04pm

KK: 2 inches 12:05pm

KK: Wait, its size in reality or the size I wish it actually was? 12:08pm

???: What do u wish it was 12:11pm

KK: At least as big as my ex 12:18pm

KK: You know the one I have to think about to make it through that crap you call love making. 12:19am

???: Oh really   and how big is that 12:42pm

KK: Oh I don’t kiss and tell. 12:49

KK: But you can call him, I’m sure he’d be happy to show you. 12:54pm

KK: How long have we been dating? 1:13pm

KK: Seriously, I don’t know who you are. 2:11pm

???: What size are your boobs  just tell me   ive seen them so many times 7:25pm

???: ? 7:26pm

KK: Is that right? 7:34pm

???: Is what right 7:36pm

KK: Your claim 7:38pm

KK: If you’ve seen them so many times just guess 7:39pm

???: ???? 8:55pm

???: ask me a question bout them and ill nail it.  Go ahead 8:55pm

KK: What size are they? 8:56

KK: ….. 8:57pm

KK: Wow, you totally nailed that one. 9:04pm

???: Ask me anything else.  Seriously 9:14pm

KK: Boobs are pretty basic. They are generally the same. 9:15pm

KK: ask you anything? 9:16pm

???: Bout your boobs   yes 9:16pm

KK: Why are you obsessed with them? 9:17pm

???: Im sorry    i dontknow 9:20pm

KK: Where you breast feed? 9:32pm

KK: Why don’t you tell me something about them 9:42pm

KK: My boobs have grown tired of your lack of answers and conversion. 9:57pm

???: Damn melanie cant u be any fun 10:05

KK: Yeah that’s cause I’m not melanie. And Melanie is a skank anyway. 10:07pm

KK: Hate to break it to you, but Melanie’s are fake….cause she used to be a dude.10:22pm

???: I cant believe your doing this.  You finally talked me into taking a pic of my dick and i was about to send it to you.  Thanks a lot 11:17pm

KK: I don’t remember this. 11:19pm

KK: Who me or your whore melanie? 11:19pm

???: Do you want to see it or what 11:20pm

KK: Sounds like you’re dying to show me. 11:22pm

KK: I’d rather see your boobs 11:28pm

KK:I guess you don’t have the balls. 12:02am

???: The balls to do what? 2:00pm (the next day)

KK: 1 tell me who this is.2 to send a picture 2:04pm

???: Do u want one of me hard or soft 2:09pm

???: Well 2:26pm

KK: Something tells me it won’t matter. How about a name first? 2:26pm

???: Youll know who i am when you see the pic 2:27pm

KK: LOL well then send it, if you know me then you’ll know where to send it. As my phone doesn’t get pics 2:30pm

KK: Just as I thought….nothing 3:33pm

???: I can tell u anything about them but the size.  Just ask 3:34pm

KK: Well that’s stupid there’s nothing descriptive about them…they are just boobs 3:41pm

???: Whatever   bye 3:43pm

KK: Like I said no balls 3:44pm

KK: Still waiting on that picture… 3:48pm

???: tell me what size bra u wear and ill send them 3:49pm

KK: 7 3:50pm

???: Bye 3:51pm

KK: It’s a European size 3:51pm

KK: The absence of the picture is leading me to believe your dick is non-existent along with your balls. 3:55pm

???: Only if u could see it now 3:56pm

KK: I would piss myself laughing? 3:57pm

???: Your loss 4:15pm

KK: You implied I’ve seen it before. If this is true, it must not have been that big of a loss for me ;-) 4:18pm

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